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Our Mission and Our Story


Empowering A Better Life For Individuals and Communities Through Healthy Living.


Our passion and commitment for empowering people to live a healthy life began in 1973 when Ken and Rae Howard, along with Rae’s mother, opened our first store in Provo, Utah.  Their passion for natural health products and educating customers was driven by personal experiences and a genuine desire to help those around them improve their health and their lives.

This passion to empower others with healthy alternatives and natural products has helped thousands of people find alternative ways for healthy living. Today, Good Earth stores are spread out across the state of Utah helping individuals and communities live a healthy and empowered life. 

Everyday the Good Earth Team sets out to empower, educate, and engage the individual–one person at a time.  We understand that each individual has a personal journey to healthy living and our commitment is to help fuel that journey.

We are grateful for the opportunity we have to work together to bring this about!